Gillis Trafalgar Leather Backpack

Gillis Trafalgar Leather Backpack

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Multi-functional, stylish and distinctive. The Gillis Trafalgar Backpack can be used to carry an SLR or mirrorless camera system including lenses and accessories. It can also be used as a normal daypack or backpack. The removal feature inside makes this transformation possible without effecting the style of the bags.

The brown vintage leather ages beautifully with use and is designed to keep your camera well padded and protect from knocks and the elements. 

  • Hide - Buffalo
  • Colour - Brown with mixed dark and light tones
  • Texture - distressed
  • Composition - Oil and wax, 'REACH' compliant
  • Leather thickness - 1.5 - 1.6mm
  • Lining - 100% Cotton; beige / dark brown
  • Tray lining - 100% Polyester parachute
  • Velcro components - Stitched onto linings to hold dividers
  • Mesh pockets - for camera accessories
  • Bespoke hardware - Dark antique. 100% lead, cobalt and radioactive free
  • Zips - Premium YKK zippers
  • Laptop capacity - Up to 13" laptop
  • Dimensions - Height (42cm) / Length (30cm) / Depth (14cm)