SQUAREHOOD Mk I (for Fuji X100T / X100F / X70)~

SQUAREHOOD Mk I (for Fuji X100T / X100F / X70)~


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The Squarehood Mk I.

A plastic, square lens hood that slips over the thread on the lens.

Simply remove the outer ring on the lens and slip the hood over the thread.

Fits directly to the X100T, X100F and the x70 (no extension ring needed).

For the x100 or x100S you will need the extension ring or the extension ring kit.


  • Lightweight and durable plastic
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Adds protection for your lens
  • Shields the lens from sun glare
  • Distinctive look
  • Can be used with a filter (using separate adapter)


What is a Squarehood?

Squarehood is a slip on lens hood made for Fujifilm x100T / x100F and x70 cameras. Designed in Stockholm by the New Zealand photographer Thomas Mansell.

"I wanted to design a lens hood that both complemented the aesthetics of the camera and secondly, wouldn’t add too much bulk to it. After all, one of the main reasons I purchased the x100f was that it was compact and I could take it everywhere.

During the design process, I worked hard to design a lens hood that met these requirements and I believe I have achieved this with the square hood."