We’re not ‘sit indoors’ people...

We’re passionate about the great outdoors. Great optics and photo equipment have always been with us enhancing our experience and enjoyment of the natural world.

Being kind to the environment is also very important to all of us.  As our awareness of this has increased over the years, providing a core product that has little or no carbon footprint has become a central theme of our business lives.

Based in the UK our small but dedicated Reoptic team has over 50 years combined experience in the Optics Industry.  

We’re committed to delivering only first class customer service; being passionate about the great outdoors and the world of optics we want to make really good optics more accessible to more people than ever before!

Having worked in the industry, we realised that change in the production of high quality glass happens only very slowly meaning that, yesterday’s great glass remains just that…..really great glass.

That’s why we started Reoptic…...to breathe new life back into great optical instruments.





Get in touch now with any queries you might have:

Email: info@reoptic.co.uk

Tel: 01740 625219