Artisan & Artist are a unique and exclusive company who are specialists in producing products of superlative quality and design. Their story is an interesting one - founded in the early 90's by a gentleman called Seichiro Hangui who was a pioneer in the production of make-up cases and bags of the most exquisite quality. Mr Hangui also had a passion for Leica cameras and so he used the skills and tools of his trade to fashion and build the most beautiful leather cases, half-cases and straps for Leica products.
The company has gone from strength to strength and now has a global reputation for manufacturing products for a full range of cameras and binoculars from the finest quality materials such as leather, canvass and nylons……incredibly, these are all still hand-crafted.
Reoptic staff have extensive experience with Artisan & Artist and we're looking forward to sharing this brand's unrivalled quality with our customers.