Benbo have been manufacturing tripods in the UK for 35 years. They are sturdy, simple to use and very versatile. They feature a unique design which ensures they are extremely stable and quick to setup. Once in position it is easy to set the camera up at head, chest or ground level.


Weight was a key consideration too in the design and a classic tubular aluminium design has been opted for in the ranges. The legs can be positioned independently allowing for the camera to be positioned anywhere at any angle quickly. You can even use a third leg to rest on a tree or wall horizontally for additional sup port if required. 

The Benbo No 1 and 2 heavy duty tripods offer great stability and are capable of supporting the heavier camera and lens combinations. Both are constructed with the same tough aluminium tubing with the No 2 offering extra height with it's longer legs. 

A range of accessories are available too including ball heads, arca-compatible quick release plates and carrying bags. Kits are also available to include everything you need to get started with a Benbo tripod.