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LANCE Non Adjustable Neck Strap - BLACK only available

LANCE Non Adjustable Neck Strap - BLACK only available

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The Non-adjust Neck Strap offers a minimalistic approach to carrying a camera. Although non-adjustable, it can be worn in various ways: around the neck, across the body, on the shoulder or wrapped around the hand as a wrist strap. Besides aesthetics, the black rubber rings tighten the spliced ends of the strap. They are of high-grade material with glossy finish and are weather resistant.

Strap length: 48in (122cm) - custom lengths available to order
Strap measurement: End-to-end of spliced cords
Cord diameter: 8mm
Cord material: Premium polyester
Cord colours: Black, 
Ring colour: Black
Connector type: 19mm stainless steel split rings

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