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SQUAREHOOD Summicron 50mm V1 black

SQUAREHOOD Summicron 50mm V1 black

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Our hood for the Summicron 50mm V4.

  • Leica Order No. - 11819, 11826, 11825, 11816, 11624 LLC - 123

The lens hood, like all our hoods, is well thought out and slides back over the lens, covering the end of the barrel where you would connect the standard lens hood.
Creating the illusion the hood is a part of the lens itself.

The lens hood is 22.84mm in length, it slides back over the lens by 10.84mm, so it only adds 10mm to the overall length of the lens, its inward sloping design offers adequate protection again flare and fingers.

This hood is anodised aluminium and come with a lens cap an adjustment tool and 2 spare screws.

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