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SQUAREHOOD Thumb Grip for FUJI X100V~

SQUAREHOOD Thumb Grip for FUJI X100V~

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Designed specifically for the Fuji X100v, this thumb grip looks as if it is part of the camera, it feels great and makes shooting with one hand a breeze, allowing full access to all the controls. 

The thumb grip does not cover any of the controls, despite what it looks like in the picture, it sits against the camera body and the buttons are directly under the grip.



  • Made from anodised aluminium or solid brass
  • Assists with one hand operation
  • Does not obscure any controls 
  • Available in three colours


How to use?

Simply slide the thumb grip into the hot-shoe on the camera. The thumb grip sits flush along the back of the camera and is perfectly placed for your thumb to rest.


This thumb grip is not compatible with the earlier model of X100 cameras.

Thumb grip for X100f is available at this link.

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